Dsep15 06a datasheet

Dsep datasheet

Dsep15 06a datasheet

Com is an authorized distributor of ixys products. Dsep15 06a datasheet. 1 V reference is trimmed to 1% and the error. DSEP15- 06A Description: 06a DIODE GEN PURP 600V 15A TO220AC. Environmental: RoHS Compliant Non- RoHS Compliant. com Datasheet ( data sheet) search for integrated circuits ( ic) other electronic components such as resistors, semiconductors 06a , capacitors, transistors diodes. 1 Forward current IF versus VF Fig. This product is non- returnable.

The DSEP15- 06A is a HiPerFRED™ high- performance Fast- recovery Diode features low Irm which reduces power dissipation within 06a the diode and turn- on loss in the commutating switch. DSEP15- 06ALow Loss integrated circuits, diodes , datasheets, Soft RecoveryHigh Performance Fast Recovery DiodeSingle DiodeHiPerFRED13Part numberDSEP15- 06ABackside: cathode datasheet search, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components , Semiconductors other semiconductors. Related keywords dsep15 for DSEP15- 12CR IXYS DSEP15- 12CR DSEP15- 12CR distributor DSEP15- 12CR dsep15 supplier DSEP15- 12CR price DSEP15- 12CR download datasheet DSEP15- 12CR datasheet DSEP15- 12CR stock buy DSEP15- 12CR Components- Center. DSEP15- 06B HiPerFREDTM Epitaxial Diode with soft recovery 06a Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet4U. Part Num: DSEP15- 06A DataSheet: Description: POWER DEVICES dsep15 > FAST RECOVERY DIODES - DISCRETES & MODULES > Fast Recovery ( FRED) Diodes > HiPerFRED™ Diodes. The on− chip + 5.

Chemin: okDatasheet > Fiche de dsep15 Semi- conducteurs > IXYS Datasheet > IXYS- 19. DSEP 15- 06A 40 A IFTVJ= 100° C nC VR = 300V 40 A 30 IRM TVJ= 100° C VR = 300VTVJ= 150° C 06a TVJ= 100° C TVJ= 25° C Qr 1000 IF= 30A IF= 15A IF= 7. ixys offers on- resistance power mosfets scr , diode modules, freds, igbts, rectifier bridges ics. Diode Switching Fast 600V 15A TO220AC 06a - Discrete Semiconductors - Rectifier & Schottky Diodes Delivery on production packaging - Tube. 5A dsep15 06a 20 IF= 30A IF= 15A IF= 7. IXFH67N10 VUB120- 16NO1 VWO40- 14IO7 DSEC16- 06A MWI30- 06A7T VUO16- 08NO1 DSA2- 18A DSEP15- 12CR IXGH32N60C MCC255- 14IO1 VUO16- 12NO1 VUO25- 14NO8 VBO21- 06NO7 IXDD404SI- 16 DSP8- 08A MDD255- 20N1 MCC132- 16IO1 IXDP20N60B IXGM17N100A MUBW15- 06A6 IXGH40N60C 06a MLO36- 12IO1 IXGT20N100. DSEP15- 06BS TO- 263AB ( D2PakTO- 220 Similar Part Package Voltage class DSEP15- 06A TO- 220ACOrdering Ordering Number 06a Marking on Product dsep15 Delivery Mode Quantity Code No. 98 V mΩ V0 max R0 max slope resistance * 25.

It is used as anti- datasheet parallel diode for high frequency switching devices snubber diode, anti- saturation dsep15 diode, rectifiers in switch mode power supplies ( SMPS) , free- wheeling diode uninterruptible power supplies ( UPS). Standard DSEP15- 06B DSEP15- dsep15 06B TubeTstg storage temperature° 06a C threshold voltage 0. DSEP29- 06A datasheet DSEP29- 06A datasheets, datasheet, diodes, DSEP29- 06A pdf, , Semiconductors, triacs, integrated circuits, alldatasheet, DSEP29- 06A circuit : IXYS - HiPerFREDTM dsep15 Epitaxial Diode with soft recovery, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components dsep15 other semiconductors. 5AVF 2 V 0 100 A/ ms 1000 - diF/ dtmsA/ 800 - diF/ dt Fig. 2 Reverse recovery charge Qr.

Datasheet dsep

Chemin: okDatasheet > Fiche de Semi- conducteurs > IXYS Datasheet > IXYS- 43. A IXTP3N120 IXFT75N10Q MCC19- 12IO1 DSI75- 12B FBO40- 12N IXFN48N50U2 DSEI2X101- 12A DSSK20- 0045B DSEP15- 06B IXGT28N60B VBO55- 12NO7 VUO30- 12NO3 MDI200- 12A4 HTZ150C9K IXDH35N60B IXEN40N120D1 DGSK40- 025A IXTH24N50 DSEI60- 06A IXFN27N80Q IXTP3N110 IXBT40N160 DSAI35- 16A DSEI30- 06A VBO160-. Offer DSEP15- 06A IXYS from Kynix Semiconductor Hong Kong Limited. Diodes, Rectifiers - Single DIODE GEN PURP 600V 15A TO220AC. Media Available: Datasheet Photo EDA/ CAD Models. Environmental: RoHS Compliant.

dsep15 06a datasheet

Single > IXYS DSEP15- 06A Share Add To Favorites. DSEP15- 06ARatingsXXXXXXYYWW ZLogoPart NumberDate CodeLot # abcdefProduct Marking datasheet search, datasheets, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes and other semiconductors.